andriajah Wed Jan 2023 1 year ago

Yamaha Grand Filano Expensive..??? Rp. 5 million different from Scoopy and Fazzio..!!! L Automotive Tv

Many feel that the Yamaha Grand Filano is expensive, how could it not be, the price is IDR 27 million for the Neo variant, while the Lux is even more expensive, namely IDR 27.5 million. That's more expensive than the Yamaha Aerox which is sold starting at IDR 27,275 million.

Even when compared with the Yamaha Fazzio which has the same engine, or the Honda Scoopy, it is sold at IDR 5 million more expensive, because both are released at a maximum price of IDR 22 million. So what makes it expensive? Let's take a look at the details of the Yamaha Grand Filano again, is it really that expensive?

Please write in the comments column your opinion!

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