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Viral Video of Prabowo Subianto's Mischievous Action Sees His Staff Falling Asleep, Makes Recorder Laugh

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM - A video shows the other side of Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto towards his staff.

In the video, Minister of Defense Prabowo appears to be pranking his staff who accidentally fell asleep.

The video was shared by the Instagram account @indonesiaadilmakmur, Saturday (23/5/2020).

Quoted from the Instagram account @indonesiaadilmakmur, initially Prabowo Subianto approached a table to clean his hands with hand sanitizer.

Behind the table, there was a staff member who was fast asleep.

Instead of scolding him, Prabowo actually acted nosy towards his staff.

In the video, the sleeping staff does not appear disturbed even though there is a speaker's voice.

Even when Prabowo was right in front of him, he was still fast asleep.

Even though the video recorder also called the staff's name, he also did not wake up.

Seeing this, Prabowo gave a code to the man recording not to wake him.

Secretly, Prabowo Subianto sat in the chair next to the sleeping staff.

Suddenly this made the staff wake up.

You can see the face of the man wearing the mask smiling embarrassedly because he was caught and teased by Prabowo while he was asleep.

He then stretched his body and raised his hands and immediately woke up from his sleep.

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