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Viral! This Traveler Even Angered Officers When Asked to Self-Quarantine

SOLO, KOMPAS.TV - A video containing people suspected of being travelers getting angry when approached by the Covid-19 task force, went viral in the city of Solo, Central Java.

The woman in the video did not accept this when the officer asked her to make a statement of willingness to self-quarantine.

In this amateur video, you can see a woman, who is thought to be a homecoming from Jakarta, getting angry at the officers.

This incident occurred in the Sondakan Village area, Laweyan District, Solo, Central Java.

The woman in this video did not accept it when the officer came to her to collect data.

This woman claims to be a native of Solo.

He even told officers to call the mayor.

Regarding this, the Mayor of Solo, FX Hadi Rudyatmo, admitted he was disappointed.

According to Rudy, immigrants from the red zone should be willing to follow the rules.

"There should be a statement stating that they are able to carry out self-quarantine, anyone who returns to Solo should be responded to well. The officers should not be underestimated, their intentions are good," said Rudy. #Corona #Travelers #Angry
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