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Viral! House road access is forcibly closed with a wall

KOMPAS.TV - Because they were involved in a dispute, two houses, namely in Tangerang, Banten and Pemalang, Central Java, did not have access to enter or leave the house.

The access road to these two houses is closed by a wall.

Two houses on Jalan Kavling Brebes Pondok Kacang, South Tangerang, have no access in and out.

This house has been covered with walls and 300 meters of barbed wire since 2019.

If you want to go out for activities, homeowners must use a plastic bench so they can cross the fence wall.

This was carried out by a unilateral action by a former heir who was emotional because the house did not want to be sold to him.

It is known that the former heir wants to buy his former house back at a price below the value of the object being sold.

The house belonging to the former heir was previously confiscated by the bank and bought by Hadianti through an auction process.

Hadianti has made a report to the police and hopes that the case will be handled quickly.

In Widodaren Petarukan Village, Pemalang Regency, Central Java, as many as 4 houses also have road access blocked by walls.

The only road that can be passed is a water channel that turns around to a number of residents' houses.

The action to close the road access wall was carried out 12 days ago by Sukendro, the land owner.

Sukendro, who had previously agreed to sell his land to Tri Budi, suddenly returned the deposit for the sale of the house unilaterally and immediately built a wall.

Four heads of families whose houses are isolated in Pemalang Regency, Central Java, are ready to meet with the families who own the land so that road access can be reopened.

The police themselves plan to mediate so that the problem of closing residents' road access is resolved.
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