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Vierra - This Feeling (cover By Shakira Jasmine)

Cover of This Feeling by Shakira Jasmine

Original Song: https://youtu.be/RpC8NVgIfnc
Song & Lyrics: Kevin Aprilio

Singer by Shakira Jasmine @shakirajsmn
Music by Roistan @roistan22
Video by Alie @aliemaarif460
Matelab Studio
Piano by Try @try_piano

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I can't believe you're here
Accompany me when he goes
Really happy you are here
Erases all the pain I feel

Maybe you feel
Everything I give up
Remember darling..

I like him, maybe I love him
But is it possible, you will be mine
You were once, belonged to him
But it would be my fault if I suppressed this feeling

Na nana nanana nana nanana

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