ahmadajah03 Mon Mar 2021 1 year ago

Covid-19 Update March 14: Positive Cases Increase by 4,714

Now we are updating the development of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia.

The number of confirmed positive cases of Covid-19 is still increasing. The government on March 14 2021. Announced an additional 4 thousand 714 new cases in Indonesia. So, if accumulated, the total positive cases of Covid nineteen will be 1 million 419 thousand 455 people.

Meanwhile, it was announced that an additional 5 thousand 647 patients had recovered, and the total is now 1 million 243 thousand 117 people.

The Ministry of Health via the covid19 task force site dot go dot id also announced an additional 97 positive patients who died. So, currently the total is 38 thousand 426 people.