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Complete Ceremony of President Soekarno's Inauguration at the Yogyakarta Palace in 1949

Documentation of the inauguration ceremony of President Sukarno as president of the United Republic of Indonesia in Siti Hinggil Ward, Siti Hinggil Lor Complex, Yogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace, 1949; with the permission of Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, before the president and his family moved to the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta as a realization of the Round Table Conference.

1. (0:03) Cihna Praja's coat of arms in Bangsal Pagelaran, Yogyakarta Palace.
2. (0:07) Arrival of Ali Sastroamijoyo.
3. (0:19) Arrival of Duke Pakualam VIII.
4. (0:20) Arrival of First Lady Fatmawati Sukarno with Siti Rahmiati Hatta.
5. (0:37) Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and Duke Pakualam VIII welcomed the arrival of Sunan Pakubuwono XII from Surakarta.
6. (0:45) The Sang Saka Merah Putih heritage flag is brought from Gedung Agung to the Yogyakarta Palace.
7. (1:20) President Sukarno, accompanied by Mr. Mohammad Roem and KRT. Wongsonegoro, entering Ward Siti Hinggil. Next, he sat in the same row as Prime Minister Mohammad Hatta, Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, Adipati Pakualam VIII, Sultan Syarif Hamid II Al Kadrie, and Raja Anak Agung Gde Agung.
8. (2:00) Opening of the inauguration ceremony by Mr. Mohammad Roem.
9. (2:17) Singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya.
10. (3:04) Reading of prayers by the head of the palace.
11. (3:42) Reading of President Sukarno's inauguration oath in an Islamic manner, guided by the chairman of the Supreme Court, Prof. Dr. Mr R. Sulaiman Efendi Kusumah Atmaja.
12. (7:31) Excerpt from President Sukarno's speech.
13. (7:55) The Red and White Sang Saka Heritage Flag is taken out of Bangsal Siti Hinggil.
14. (8:29) President Sukarno and invited guests walk to Bangsal Pagelaran to witness the march of TNI troops.
15. (9:10) Defile of TNI troops in the courtyard of Bangsal Pagelaran and Alun-Alun Lor, led by Lt. Col. Suharto.

Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Production Team: J.B. van der Kolk, Leo Elia and Guus van den Berg
Date: December 17, 1949

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