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5.8 Billion Rupiah in Account Disappeared, Customer Sues Bank

PEKALONGAN, KOMPAS.TV - Imam Rofii, a resident of Jati Wetan Village, Jati District, Kudus, Central Java, filed a lawsuit at the Kudus District Court, Central Java, after 5.8 billion rupiah in his account suddenly disappeared.

According to the attorney for the customer who lost the money, the disappearance of the money was first discovered on the seventeenth of May 2021, when the account owner checked his balance, he was shocked to find that the balance in his account had decreased to more than five billion, even though he never felt he had made a transaction. especially when it reaches billions.

After the incident, his party immediately confirmed it with the bank in Kudus, but the bank said that the reduction in his account balance was after four transactions occurred, three of which were via transfer and once in cash.

Meanwhile, the attorney for the state-owned bank who appeared at the Kudus court was reluctant to provide a response regarding the lawsuit by one of its customers.

Meanwhile, the Kudus District Court said that today it had just summoned both parties to the dispute regarding the completeness of the files, and the plan is that next week it will continue with the mediation process, before proceeding to the trial process.

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