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Indonesian Golang Unit Test Tutorial

In this video I discuss Go-Lang Unit Tests. Nowadays, unit tests are something that all programmers must understand. Unit tests make the quality of our program code better, and will definitely make our application have fewer errors and bugs. This material does not only discuss Go-Lang unit tests, but also discusses Go-Lang benchmarks.

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Video Material:
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:01:57 - Introduction to Software Testing
00:10:15 - Introduction to testing Package
00:13:27 - Creating Unit Tests
00:25:37 - Failed Test
00:33:31 - Assertion
00:43:24 - Skip Test
00:46:35 - Before and After Test
00:51:27 - Sub Test
00:56:44 - Table Test
01:04:38 - Mock
01:26:25 - Benchmarks
01:30:23 - Creating Benchmarks
01:38:19 - Sub Benchmark
01:40:52 - Table Benchmarks
01:44:38 - Next material


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