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Refusing to Give Tens of Millions in Money, Inmates at Class I Prison in Tanjung Gusta Become Victims of Mistreatment by Guards

MEDAN, KOMPAS.TV - A prisoner at the class I prison in Tanjung Gusta, Medan, was allegedly abused by the prison guard.

In a video that went viral on social media, a prisoner said that his colleague was beaten because he did not give money to the prison guard.

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In an amateur video that went viral, a prisoner was seen suffering from a number of bruises on his back, because he was allegedly abused by prison guards.

We were forced to disguise the image because it contained elements of violence.

In this video, a fellow prisoner said that the reason for the abuse was allegedly because he did not want to be asked for Rp. 30 million to Rp. 40 million by the prison guard.

This incident occurred at the Class I Prison in Tanjung Gusta, Medan.

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In his statement, the prison chief said that the prisoner in the video was involved in a drug case and had served 7 of his 14 year sentence.

Regarding the cause and identity of the guard who was the perpetrator of the abuse, the North Sumatra Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights is still carrying out an internal investigation, by examining 10 witnesses, namely the inmates and the guard.

However, if an officer is proven to have committed abuse, sanctions will be given according to the regulations.

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