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Tips for Buying a Cheaper 360° Camera - Review & Important Things About Insta360 One X2 Vs Insta360 X3

Before buying a 360° Action Camera, there are several things you need to know.
Starting from which brand and type is good?
What memory card is used?
What cellphones support editing?
Software and How to Edit?
What accessories do you need to buy?
Price Budget? As well as buying tips to make it cheaper & more economical.

Complete Review of Insta360 One X2 and comparison with Insta360 X3.

00:00 Intro
00:28 What is a 360° Action Camera?
00:59 Reasons to Choose Insta360 X2
01:32 Insta360 One X2 Details
01:44 How to operate
02:09 How to Record Video
02:40 USB Hole, Battery & Memory
02:56 Memory Card Tips
08:45 Editing Insta360 app, what cellphones are supported?
09:40 Editing on Insta360 Studio Desktop
10:41 Download Video Sample & Test it yourself on your cellphone
11:04 Insta360 X2 vs X3
12:34 Savings Tips Before Buying a 360° Camera
13:07 Lens Care
14:10 Conclusion Is it better to buy X2 or X3?
14:51 Complaints & Disadvantages of X2

_*Sample Video Results on Motorcycle Extended :*_

Insta360 App Android :
Insta360 Studio 2022 Desktop :
Download Video Samples (2 .insv Files - 10sec 120MB - Gdrive)
*Save it in the internal memory folder like the video tutorial above.

• INSTA360 Official Store:
• Recommended Camera Store (search "insta360"):
• SANDISK Official Store:
• Recommended Camera Accessories Store:
• Helmet shop that I use:

• Insta360 X2 Camera:
• Insta360 X3 Camera:
• Insta360 X2 Lens Guard:
• Insta360 X3 Lens Guard:

• Telesin Magic Arm Clamp:
• Ulanzi Metal Claw Clamp:

• Mounting Universal Magic Clamp:
• Male to male 1/4" Screw Adapter Bolt:
• 1/4" Ball Head Adapter:
• 1/4" Quick Release Screw Bolt:

•Helmet Chin Strap:
• Chest Strap:
• Suction Cup Mount:

• Ulanzi Stick Monopod 120cm:
• Mic Stick Monopod 150cm:

• SanDisk Extreme A2 128GB:
• SanDisk Extreme A2 256GB:

Products guaranteed and guaranteed. Don't be tempted by products with much cheaper prices. They could be fake, the risk is that the speed will be slow or inappropriate. So it can't be used and is easily damaged.

Repair Scratches on Camera Lenses:


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