Fri Jan 2020 2 years ago

Proven to be great fraudsters, the Great King and Queen of the Universe Arrested by the Central Java Regional Police

The two suspects, Toto Santoso and Fanni Aminadia, could only bow their heads languidly when the case was held at the Central Java Regional Police Headquarters Wednesday afternoon (15/01/2020). The King and Queen of the Universal Palace, who are making the public anxious, must be held accountable for their actions before the officers.

Various attributes such as spears, flags, hats, account books and gas guns were confiscated by the police as evidence. Both were proven to have violated the fraud article, because in recruiting followers, they asked for money and used fake goods to attract attention.

A number of followers have deposited money ranging from two million rupiah, up to thirty million rupiah to occupy certain positions in the kingdom. Followers are also prohibited from using mobile phones when taking part in the royal-style carnival procession.


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