Wed Feb 2020 2 years ago

EXPOSED! New Facts Regarding the Revitalization of Monas

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - The Monas revitalization project is still an endless polemic.

Starting from the contractor tender project which cost billions but the contractor was suspected of being a fictitious office, the felling of hundreds of trees which resulted in Monas becoming bare, to the revitalization which apparently had not received permission from the central government.

Meanwhile, as reported by, Friday (31/1), the DKI Provincial Government stated that the trees were not cut down, but only moved.

Although it is not yet known exactly where these trees will be moved.

The winning architect of the Monas area design competition, Deddy Wahyudi, said that he and his team continue to prioritize the concept of Monas as nature conservation.

"Based on the results of Kompas' interview with Deddy, the person concerned stated that he did not know in detail the process and quantity of the current tree removal, because we were not in the field when the process was carried out."

Because of the concept of nature conservation, Deddy considers that felling or moving trees is not necessary.
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