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Housing Wall Collapses Due to Heavy Rain, 1 Resident Found Dead

CIGANJUR, KOMPAS.TV - Heavy rain that fell on the Jakarta area triggered landslides and floods.

One of them was a landslide that occurred in the Ciganjur area, South Jakarta. Landslides occurred in residential areas and caused serious damage.

Floods destroyed hundreds of houses in the Ciganjur sub-district, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

The flood also caused landslides and caused the fence guarding the housing complex to collapse. As a result, around 1,200 residents were displaced.

Not only did it cause damage, 3 people were injured.

One person died in this incident.

Not only landslides, floods also submerged several areas in Jakarta. One of them is on Jalan Raya Ciracas, East Jakarta.

Floods up to 70 centimeters submerged roads so they were impassable.

Apart from roads, floods also submerged residential areas in Ciracas, East Jakarta. Residents also chose to stay at home and wait for the flood to recede.

According to data from the DKI Provincial Government, the East Jakarta area is one of the areas most affected by flooding.
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