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The Puzzle of the Disappearance of IDR 20 Billion in Savings

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - A customer account burglary befell Esports Athlete Winda Lunardi alias Winda Earl, as the victim.

Winda and her mother, Floleta, lost more than 22 billion rupiah.

Winda admitted that she was deceived by the head of Maybank Cipulir Branch, with the initials A, who has now been named a suspect.

This case was also responded to by the Financial Services Authority, OJK. OJK stated that this case was a criminal act by bank individuals.

OJK has also discussed improving the security of customer accounts with Maybank, including monitoring the performance of its employees.

This case was revealed to the public when Winda and her lawyer asked for developments in the case which had been reported since last May.

Winda reported A, Head of the Maybank Cipulir Branch, because she saw that there was no good faith from the Maybank Cipulir Branch.

As victims, Winda and her mother still hope that the money they have saved for 5 years can be returned.

However, in his press conference today, Maybank's attorney Hotman Paris Hutapea said that the case that happened to Winda Earl was not like an ordinary burglary case involving only one person.

Hotman Paris said that there were allegations that a number of other parties were involved.

Hotman also said there were a number of irregularities in the disappearance of the savings.

In this case, apart from naming the Head of the Maybank Cipulir Branch as a suspect, now the police have also confiscated a number of the suspect's assets in the form of cars, land and buildings.
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