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Herbal Plants Are a Solution to Prevent the Effects of the Corona Virus, Is That Really the Reason Why Indonesians Are Immune?

KOMPAS.TV - The corona virus has spread to more than 50 countries.

Even in Iran, the vice president tested positive for corona.

Residents are advised to avoid crowded places and reduce activities that involve many people.

South Korean citizens are also anticipating the spread of the corona virus.

Long queues of residents were seen outside shops. they want to buy masks to protect themselves from corona.

A number of shops are limiting the purchase of masks and only allocating five masks per person. Currently there are more than 2000 South Korean citizens infected with Corona. 13 of them died.

As of Friday (28/02), there were more than 83 thousand corona cases in 57 countries. More than 2800 victims died.

Meanwhile, 36 thousand people recovered.

Professor CA Nidom, Head of the Professor Nidom Foundation's Corona Virus & Vaccine Formulation Research Team, said that herbal plants can prevent the effects of the corona virus.

Professor CA Nidom also said that this corona virus has receptors. However, it is not yet clear whether this receptor is the same as SARS or MERS.

However, there are genetic differences in the response of Indonesian citizens compared to other citizens which makes Indonesians more immune to the corona virus.
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