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Not only are masks targeted by residents, ginger and ginger are new targets

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - In the midst of handling the corona virus, apart from masks which are now being sought by residents, sales of ginger and ginger are increasing.

At Pasar Senen, Central Jakarta, people buying ginger and ginger have increased.

Even ginger stocks at several traders are sold out.

Even though the price has increased, one buyer believes that herbal medicine made from ginger and ginger is useful for increasing the body's endurance.

The ginger plant is believed to be able to ward off attacks from the corona virus.

Herbal Specialist Dr. Erna Cipta Fahmi explained that the corona virus attacks people with a compromised immune system.

Especially in this rainy season, health conditions tend to be unstable.

According to Erna, ginger can increase a person's immune system, because the polyphenol content in this herbal plant has many benefits.

One of them is increasing the body's immunity.

Not only that, the gingerol in ginger can increase the body's immunity. Ginger is also full of expectorants which can soothe the throat and chest.

He considers ginger suitable for curing flu and coughs which are one of the symptoms of contracting the corona virus.

PT. Indonesian Commuter Trains provide hand sanitizer as an effort to reduce the risk of spreading the corona virus.

Even though it provides cleaning fluid, PT. Indonesian Commuter Train continues to appeal to passengers' awareness of maintaining cleanliness.

Apart from PT. cleaning fluid. Indonesian Commuter Train distributes masks to passengers as an effort to socialize the importance of maintaining cleanliness.
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