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Having No Symptoms, Detri Warmanto Is Infected With Corona Virus: Three People In The House Test Positive

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM - Actor Detri Warmanto was declared infected with the corona virus after undergoing a series of tests.

From the test results, it turned out that three people at Detri's house were positive for the corona virus, even though they admitted that they did not experience any symptoms.

Quoted from Kompas.com, looking at Detri's live Instagram broadcast, @detriwarmanto, he explained how he finally tested positive for the corona virus.

From live Instagram on Saturday (21/3/2020), Detri also explained how he was able to undergo the test at the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital.

The son-in-law of the Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan-TB) Tjahjo Kumolo explained that on Sunday (15/3/2020), a family had to be checked at the Gatot Subroto RSPAD, to find out whether anyone had been infected with the corona virus or not.

After waiting for about four days, it turned out that three people in his family were positively infected with the corona virus.

They are Detri, the mother's personal assistant and aide, and also the driver.

"It turned out that on the fourth day it was stated that there were three people at home, the mother was the assistant, the driver and me," said Detri.

According to Detri, he feels that the corona virus is quite random in attacking a person's body.

He also admitted that if they didn't get tested, their families wouldn't know who was affected by the virus that was currently endemic.

Moreover, Detri admitted, he himself did not feel the symptoms that are often discussed about Covid-19.

"If we ask where, when we got it, we don't know either. That means there are accusations like that, who got it first or what, because of our position, we just happened to be getting tested," said Detri.

He added, if he was not required to take a test, it is possible that until now he would not have known he was infected with the corona virus.

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