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Suluban Beach | A beach that has many hidden spots

Suluban Beach or Blue Point Beach! This beach in South Bali is known by two names. Even though it's actually still in one location, you know. However, what is unique is that there are two different entrances to get to this beach. This is also what sometimes makes some people confused by the name of this beach.

Therefore, it is not surprising that some people know it as Suluban Beach, with the name Blue Point Beach. But, whatever the meaning of a name, what is clear is that this is one of the best beaches in Bali for watching the sunset. This is also one of the tourist attractions in South Bali that I recommend visiting.

Apart from that, like most beaches in southern Bali, Blue Point Beach is one of the beaches with the best waves on the island of Bali. Yup! Uluwatu and its surroundings do have lots of cool spots for surfing. Coincidentally, the best waves are also at this beach. That's why every day this beach is always busy with surfers.

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