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The figure of YouTuber Turah Parthayana who is suspected of sexually assaulting his friend in Russia

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM - A YouTuber named Turah Parthayana became a trending topic on Twitter on Thursday (6/8/2020) because he was reported to have sexually harassed his friend with the initials JA.

This then makes many people curious about what the YouTuber's profile is like.

The following is the figure of Turah Parthayana:

It is known that Turah comes from Bali and is the youngest of four children who was born on September 7 1997.

Turah is a student at a university in Russia thanks to a scholarship, majoring in Business Management.

It is known that 2020 will be his fifth year studying in Russia.

Turah also worked as a student and content creator or YouTuber on the Turah Parthayana channel while in Russia.

He uploads various types of content regarding culture and trends that are being widely discussed, including material on how to learn Russian.

Turah's YouTube channel currently has 1.16 million subscribers with a total of 224 videos.

Apart from that, Turah, who is also the head of an artists' community, also shared his experience of getting scholarships to motivate young people.

Turah often creates content with other influencers who are also Indonesian students abroad, such as Jerome Polin and Leonardo Edwi.

It is known that recently, Turah has been busy with the launch of his book which contains his journey as a student who has lived in Russia for five years.


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