Wed Jan 2020 1 year ago

Regarding Natuna, China: We are Friends of Indonesia

According to monitoring by the Indonesian Air Force and Bakamla, the current condition of the Natuna Sea is starting to improve. Foreign ships such as coast guard ships have begun to move away from Indonesian waters.

Deputy for Operations and Training at Bakamla RI, Rear Admiral Bakamla TSNB Hutabarat said that foreign coast guard ships had started moving towards the north of Natuna Waters. They were seen leaving Indonesian territory. However, Bakamla confirmed that patrol operations will continue to be carried out every day. Both from sea and air.

Regarding Natuna, the Chinese government, through its foreign minister spokesperson Geng Suang, stated that diplomatic communication had been carried out with the Indonesian government.

China states that Indonesia is a strategic partner. With the existing relations, friendship and cooperation between the two countries is something that China prioritizes.
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