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Cheap 4k Smart Tv With the Best Audio? Polytron Smart Cinemax Soundbar Google Tv Pld 50bug5959

Polytron Smart Cinemax Soundbar with Google Voice Assistant technology and built-in mic on TV, makes it easy for you to operate the TV just with voice commands. Apart from sophisticated technology, this TV is equipped with a 4K UHD screen resolution which can produce brighter and more detailed images, as well as a separate Soundbar Speaker which is capable of producing booming sound.

Even more complete with the bonus of free access to Mola Premium for 12 months and Vidio Platinum for 6 months. More peace of mind with a 5 year guarantee.
Buy now to get a price discount of up to IDR 1.5 million during December 2022!

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00:00 Opening
01:10 Smart Cinemax Soundbar Google TV (PLD 50BUG5959)
01:38 Sales package
02:09 TV & Soundbar Design
04:10 Specifications
04:48 Connectivity
05:05 Connector
06:04 Initial setup
06:20 Application
06:55 Remote
07:23 Voice control
08:01 Interconnection
08:25 Usage experience & setting mode
11:51 Audio Quality
12:18 Note
12:39 Power Consumption
12:50 Prices & purchase bonuses
13:23 Things to note
14:03 Interesting point
14:48 Conclusion & closing