Sun Dec 2019 2 years ago

Contract Marriage Syndicate Involving Tourists in Bogor, Finally Revealed!

The Bogor Regency Government will control advertisements containing Arabic writing, which are often displayed in the Puncak area, Bogor, West Java.

This step was taken after it was revealed that there was a prostitution syndicate under the guise of contract marriage, which often involved tourists from the Middle East.

The Bogor Regency Government plans to regulate a number of advertisements written in Arabic, which are easy to find along roads in Puncak, Bogor Regency, West Java.

After holding a regional leadership communication forum meeting, a joint team was formed to resolve the issue of contract marriages, which often involve tourists from the Middle East.

This decision was taken after the Bogor Police Criminal Investigation Unit arrested four people from a prostitution syndicate under the guise of contract marriage, on Monday night.

Apart from arresting the four perpetrators, the police also arrested the six women who were victims.

The perpetrator, who is a former migrant worker, was charged with the article on eradicating criminal acts of human trafficking, with the threat of up to five years in prison.

From the arrest of this contract marriage prostitution syndicate, the police confiscated evidence of two cars, 11 cellphones and transaction money worth seven million rupiah.
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