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Listen! Rhoma Irama's New Song: Corona Virus

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - In the Charity Concert from Home organized by KompasTV and Rhoma Irama, the dangdut legend and Soneta Band performed their new song entitled Corona Virus.

This song was created as a reflection on current events and situations in Indonesia. The Corona virus is rampant in all provinces in Indonesia and has created a pandemic throughout the world.

Here are the lyrics to the song "Corona Virus" - Rhoma Irama:

Terrifying horror, engulfing the entire world
When the creature comes to attack and kill
He is invisible to the eye, cannot be touched
But very terrible, all humans

In almost all countries, they closed themselves off
Isolation, hiding, unbearable fear

Only in You, Lord, do we ask for protection

From the threat of the increasingly widespread virus
Give inayah to stop

The eyes of the world are opened, how weak humans are
Even though it is powerful, it turns out to be fragile
Only with a microbe called Corona
It has truly destroyed the foundations of life

Let's try and pray
So that the world is free from it, the Corona virus

This Charity Concert from Home raises donations for communities affected by the Corona virus. Until Saturday, April 25 2020 evening when the charity concert from this house ended, the donations collected amounted to more than IDR 772 million.

Donations will still be open until May 2 2020 by donating at kitabisa.com/musikamaldarirumah and also donating directly via the BRI PT Gramedia Media Nusantara AC account. 1202.01000019.30.7 (Transfer News: Charity).
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