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Show Unit Tabebuya BSD City Cluster Inspirahaus Full Furnish 800 million and installments DP 5 million and Sinarmasland


New Cluster from Sinarmas Land at BSD City.
"Japanese Style Residence equipped with a Sport Club"

After the success of Fleekhauz, Fleekhauz R and Imajihaus.

Sinarmas Land BSD City will soon release a new product with a similar (same) concept.

1. Prices start from 800 million (under 1 billion)
2. Full Furnished (exclude: electronics)
3. Location of Brancsto (children's play area) and Vanya Park (BSD CITY STAGE 2)

Unit type:
- LT: 4 x 10 (40 m2) / LB: 48 m2
- LT: 4 x 12 (48 m2) / LB: 48 m2
- LT: 4 x 14 (56 m2) / LB: 48 m2
2 Bedrooms (1 queen size, 2 mattresses (bangbed))
2 Bathrooms
1 Carport
Dining room
Family room
Service Area and back garden

The layout is very similar to Fleekhauz, the differences with fleekhauz:
1. There are 2 bathrooms (on the 1st floor and on the 2nd floor).
2. There is a sliding door that separates the living room and kitchen areas.
3. The 2nd floor balcony has been removed to become an open bay window equipped with a sofa
4. The child's room is no longer open (there is a partition window)

Promo how to pay:
Hard Cash
Gradual Cash 20x
KPR Express
KPR DP 10% in 15x installments

DP installments are only 5 million / month
Don't run out again!

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