andriajah Wed Nov 2021 2 years ago

Sunbathing often, Corona free?

In the current pandemic era, there are still people who believe in news about the corona virus which has become a topic of conversation in cyberspace and ultimately makes them anxious.

There is news circulating that sunbathing will make us immune to the corona virus. Wow, that's delicious, it's just drying money. There continues to be news circulating that the Covid vaccine can make you infertile. wow how scary. and there is also news that antibiotics can prevent the corona virus, especially if you take a bath.

So, is all that news true or not?

Come on, let's look at the answer. Deon Setiadanata will reveal the facts of all the news through explanations from experts in the field, whether it's true or not, on the fmb9id-ikp YouTube channel.