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A number of countries doubt Indonesia regarding handling Corona

KOMPAS.TV - As of March 1 2020 morning, the corona virus outbreak had spread to 63 countries and killed more than 2,900 people. So far Indonesia is one of the countries where no corona cases have been found. However, this is doubted by a number of foreign countries.

The World Health Organization or WHO notes that there is an increase in the spread of the corona virus to various parts of the world.

The coronavirus epidemic has reportedly spread to sub-Saharan Africa. This condition made WHO raise the risk status of the corona virus to the highest level.

Meanwhile, as of March 1 2020, from data from Johns Hopkins University, there were 86,960 cases of the corona virus recorded in 63 countries.

The death toll was 2,977 people and the number of patients or victims who recovered was 42,126 people.

More than 60 countries have reported cases of the corona virus, including several Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia.

So far, Indonesia is one of the countries in the region where there have been no reports of positive cases of the corona virus.

This apparently sparked concern from a number of foreign countries who doubted Indonesia's handling and readiness to face the corona outbreak.

One of those who doubts is the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

Notes from the Biomedical Research and Development Center and Basic Health Technology, there are 22 provinces in Indonesia that have reported suspected cases of the corona virus.

However, they were declared negative for corona virus infection based on laboratory test results.
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