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When Vice President Ma'ruf Amin joined Rhoma Irama's charity concert

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - Vice President Maruf Amin joined the Charity Concert from Rumah Rhoma Irama organized by KompasTV and Rhoma Irama on Saturday, April 25 2020. Vice President Maruf Amin joined via Skype connection.

On this occasion, Maruf Amin said that during the Corona pandemic, community assistance was really needed because it was impossible to only rely on social assistance from the government.

The local economy is currently being shaken, other people can also participate in this donation to help those affected by the Corona virus.

The Vice President said there was more than a 40% possibility that a new poverty phenomenon would occur due to this pandemic. The Vice President also recommended that we all love each other, do charity and share.

"I think that in facing this pandemic, we first have to be patient and confident," said Vice President Maruf Amin.

This Charity Concert from Home raises donations for communities affected by the Corona virus. Until Saturday, April 25 2020 evening when the charity concert from this house ended, the donations collected amounted to more than IDR 772 million.

Donations will still be open until May 2 2020 by donating at kitabisa.com/musikamaldarirumah and also donating directly via the BRI PT Gramedia Media Nusantara AC account. 1202.01000019.30.7 (Transfer News: Charity).
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