andriajah Fri May 2020 2 years ago

Chaos! Feeling that Corona Social Assistance Data is Not Transparent, Residents Protest

KOMPAS.TV - Some residents of Kidul Dalem Village, Malang, East Java, protested the distribution of social assistance which they considered not transparent.

Residents admitted that social assistance for residents affected by the corona virus outbreak was uneven and not well targeted.

This protest action almost ended in chaos between one of the RW Chairmen and residents at the Kidul Dalem Subdistrict office.

The police and TNI who were at the location immediately intervened and calmed the residents who were disappointed with the distribution of corona social assistance.

Residents came to this sub-district office asking for clarity regarding data on recipients of social assistance for residents affected by the corona virus or Covid-19.

Those who protest think that data collection on residents who are entitled to receive social assistance or social assistance is uneven and not on target.

To calm the residents, the Head of Kidul Dalem Village explained that underprivileged people who had been registered but had not yet received assistance would be re-registered.
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