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Monas Revitalization, DKI Regional Secretary: Prefers to Continue, but Must Stop

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government through the Regional Secretariat has officially suspended the Monas revitalization project.

This decision was made after a meeting was held between the DKI Regional Secretary and the DKI DPRD due to the reduction in water catchment areas, and there was no permission from the Medan Merdeka Area Development Steering Commission.

Responding to the chaos surrounding the revitalization of the Monas area, Tuesday 28 January 2020, Commission II of the DPR held a meeting with the Minister of State Secretary.

As a result of the meeting, the DPR requested that the revitalization be stopped immediately.

Minister of State Secretary Pratikno also said that his party had written to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government regarding the failure to fulfill Monas revitalization procedures.

The Minister of State Secretary, who is also the Chair of the Medan Merdeka Area Development Steering Commission is also waiting for a letter from the DKI Provincial Government regarding negligence in licensing procedures.

Meanwhile, member of Commission II of the PDI Perjuangan faction, Hugua, asked the Ministry of State Secretariat to stop the Monas revitalization project which was deemed to have a negative impact on the environment.

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government and the central government should harmonize state assets so that there is no shifting of responsibilities.

Responding to this, DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Secretary Saefullah finally gave in and chose to temporarily stop the revitalization project starting this Wednesday (29/1).

Previously, the DKI Regional Secretary and the DKI DPRD held a coordination meeting to discuss the revitalization concept which cuts down hundreds of trees, water catchment areas and projects that have not received permits.

The chairman of the DKI Jakarta DPRD, Prasetio Edi Marsudi also questioned coordination with the central government and assessed that there were lies when the project was built, because it did not comply with the results of previous discussions.

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