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Monas Revitalization Stopped, DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Plants More Trees

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - After receiving criticism, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government planted trees that had been cut down in the revitalized Monas area.

The area on the south side of the Monas area, Central Jakarta, which was revitalized, has been planted with trees again. A number of trees in the area were initially cut down for the Monas revitalization project.

The newly planted trees at the Monas revitalization site have quite large trunks.

Apart from looking newly planted, there are a number of wooden supports tied to the tree trunk.

Even though a number of trees have been planted, there has been no worker activity around the site since the project was stopped.

The image above is a visual of the revitalization of Monas taken on Sunday, February 2 2020.

At that time, there were no newly replanted trees visible.

The Monas revitalization project was in the spotlight because of the cutting down of 191 trees which reduced the green open area.

Later this project was stopped because it did not have permission. #RevitalizationofMonas #Monas #Jakarta
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