andriajah Thu May 2020 2 years ago

Review of 5 Cheapest Oilless Compressors (without Oil) 2019 Brands Lakoni, Matrix, Izumi, Artix and H&l

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Still confused about looking for a cheap but good OILLESS electric compressor?
So, in this video, will review 5 compressor brands that are busy on the market, the brands we tested are:
1) Izumi OL-0709
2) Perform Basic 9S
3) Artix OA-0709
4) Matrix OFS550-10
5) H&L LR-9L

There are 5 tests that we carry out, including:
1) Tank Thickness Testing
2) Tank Volume Testing
3) Temperature and Watt Testing
4) Real Pressure Testing
5) Charging Speed ​​Testing
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