Fri Jan 2020 1 year ago

Review of 12 Colors of the Honda All New Beat 2020 | THE CUSTOM VERSION MAKES YOU DIZZYđŸ˜±đŸ˜±

Price of Honda All new Beat

For the CBS type, there are 4 color choices, namely Dance White, Techno Blue White, Hard Rock Black, and Funk Red Black, which are marketed at Rp. 16,450,000,- (On The Road Jakarta). The CBS-ISS type comes with 3 color choices Garage Black, Electro Blue Black and Fusion Magenta Black which are marketed at a price of IDR. 17,150,000,- (On The Road Jakarta).

Apart from that, this model also offers the Deluxe series (CBS-ISS) type with 2 other color choices, namely Deluxe Black and Deluxe Silver which are combined with 3D Emblems to give a luxurious impression and are marketed at a price of IDR. 17,250,000,- (On The Road Jakarta).

Meanwhile, the All New Honda Beat Street comes with the CBS type in 3 color choices, namely Street Black, Street Silver and Street Black Silver. This model is marketed at a price of Rp. 17,150,000,- (On The Road Jakarta)

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