ahmadajah03 Sun Apr 2020 2 years ago

Super Soft Bread Brownie Pudding Recipe

Assalamualaikum, hello everyone, in this video I made Brownies Pudding which is really soft and delicious for chocolate lovers who are bored of eating chocolate just like that. This Brownies Pudding is really suitable for adding a new variant to your menu.

White Bread Brownie Pudding
Material :
- 5 slices of white bread
- 1 scht of Chocolate Nutrijel
- 1 scht Chocolatos
- 1 tbsp powdered white milk
- 100 gr granulated sugar (optional according to taste)
- 250 ml Water
- 120-150 ml Water (optional)
- 50 gr chocolate block

- Chocolatos can be replaced with 1-2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
- If you like the taste to be sweet, you can increase the amount
- The second addition of water is optional. If the white bread you are using is small, you can reduce the amount of water, if you are using large white bread, you can use the same amount as in the video.
- Nutrijel can be replaced with regular gelatin but the texture will be different

Happy Trying.
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