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Thousands of delicious, big and soft donut recipes without eggs without milk.

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this time papa's recipe will share a recipe for a thousand jumbo donuts which are really delicious and soft, this was inspired by papa's recipe for buying donut snacks at the vegetable shop
There are donuts around selling large sizes but they are sold by the thousands with simple toppings. The texture is soft but has a medicinal aroma and is a bit bitter on the tongue like most medicines. So Papa's recipe took the initiative to make economical donuts that cost thousands and are large in size but maintain the taste, are soft and do not use excessive medicine.
note, to get maximum benefits. If you want the cheap segment, you have to increase production. so a lot of it is made.
This could be a great recommendation for friends who want to entrust a cheap donut business to stalls, canteens, mobile greengrocers, or markets. Basically, it's guaranteed to be really delicious for the economical segment. The important thing is that you must listen to the process step by step until the end in order to understand. Let's go straight to the recipe though

Don't forget to watch the detailed kneading technique using a handmixer in the video below:
#500gr handmixer kneading technique https://youtu.be/yUgdW2U0IPw
#1kg handmixer kneading technique. https://youtu.be/2LHSKq2qWQE

note. You must watch the video because it also explains the minimum specifications for a handmixer that can be used for kneading heavy dough. don't make the wrong choice

handmixer so as not to damage the mixer.

Thousands of economical donut recipes by Papa's recipe:
dough ingredients
600g flour (500g for dough, 100g for sprinkling)
sugar 75g
300ml water
yeast 8gr
margarine 60gr
salt 5g
bread improver 3gr
the oil for frying
dusting sugar for topping


selling price calculation
selling price = total capital + profit.
total capital = raw material capital + production capital
production costs = 30% of raw material capital
profit = can be 50%, 75% or 100% of total capital (I take 50%)
================================================== ==========
raw material capital
dough ingredients
600gr flour (500gr for dough 100gr for sprinkling) (price 1kg 7500) 7500x0.6= 4500
75g sugar (1kg price 14000) = 0.075x14000=1050
300ml water = 500
yeast 8gr = 0.16x80000 =1280
60g margarine = 18000x0.06 =1080
salt 5gr = (price per 100gr 1000) 0.05x1000 = 50
bread improver 3gr (price per 100gr 11000)= 0.03x11000=330
300ml oil (estimated amount of oil used) (per 1 liter 12,000) = 0.3x12000= 3600
50g dusting sugar = 0.05x28000 =1400

total raw material capital = 13790
production costs 30% of total raw material capital
13790x0.3 = 4137
total capital = total raw material capital + production costs
= 13790+4137 = 17927 completes to 18000
profit = 50% of total capital
18000x0.5 =9000

total capital + profit
18000+9000 = 27000

selling price.
One recipe makes 27 donuts
2700 : 27 = 1000
1. The price of raw materials in each region may be different, so adjust it to the price of raw materials in your respective area.
2. To determine the yeast capital, the yeast must be multiplied by 2 (from 8g to 16g) to make calculations easier because the yeast packaging is 500g

while to make calculations easier. The rule of thumb is that per packaging must be 100gr or 1000gr. thus determining the percentage of its use more

3. The benchmark price for flour used is the purchase of sacks, not retail. if you buy retail it could be more expensive than the price of the flour I got.
4. Production costs include. power, electricity, gas, etc
I learned that the value of production capital is set at 30%, so don't ask where the 30% value comes from. is like the standard value of Phi in circle calculations, the value of Phi is 3.14. Don't ask where this value comes from because it is standard.

5. If you are confused, please ask in the comments

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