ahmadajah03 Fri Aug 2020 2 years ago

Special Recipe for Premium Oval Sweet Bread Creations. Soft, rich taste and many variations

this time papa shares a special recipe for a very special longjong or long jhon bread. It's really delicious, there are lots of variations of chocolate, cheese, butter cream, nuts and many more and it's really beautiful with toppings that you can create according to your wishes. If you're bored with just the same bread, here's the solution, premium bread that's really simple and could be an addition to your friend's bread business catalog. This recipe also explains in detail the manufacturing process starting from the recipe, kneading to finishing.
Here's the basic dough recipe
flour 500gr
sugar 100g
margarine 60gr
yeast 8gr
softener 2gr
270ml ice water
1 whole egg
salt 5g
milk 25g
DCC chocolate topping, nuts, butter cream, cheese, sprinkles or according to taste.

Hopefully this is useful and an inspiration for friends
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