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Realtime Chat App With React, Node.js, | Mern Stack Messenger Clone

Jackma 22 Jul 2021 91
React and Node.js Chat app using and MongoDB. How to create MERN stack instant, private chat app. In this full tutorial, you will learn to use react hooks, sending a private message with, and saving data to MongoDB.

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0:00 Introduction
1:20 React Chat App UI Design
30:34 Node.js MongoDB Chat App Rest API
48:35 Fetching User Conversations from MongoDB
59:20 Fetching Messages from MongoDB
01:09:08 How to Post New Chat Message
01:13:38 React Scroll to End of a Div
01.17.20 What is
01:19:42 How to use
01:22:55 React implementation
01.30.19 Sending Online Users
01:37:08 React Sending Private Message
01:48:12 React How to Fetch Online Friends
02:04:35 Outro


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