andriajah Sat Jun 2020 2 years ago

John Kei's daughter was shocked by the commotion involving her father

JAKARTA, KOMPASTV John Kei's eldest daughter, Melan Revra, visits her father who is being detained at the Polda Metro Jaya Detention Center (26/6/2020).

He visited accompanied by a legal team. During his visit, Melan expressed his apologies to the government and all Indonesian people, for the commotion allegedly caused by his father.

"Good evening, first, I would like to thank the media members here. On behalf of my family, I would like to say, I am the daughter of Mr. commotion," said Melan when interviewed by journalists (26/6).

Melan was shocked by what her family was experiencing at this time.

He also felt that his father had changed a lot after returning from Nusa Kambangan.

"I felt, from Nusa Kambangan, all the way home, my father had changed from his old life. I felt shocked, my father from Nusa Kambangan had changed, why was he suddenly shocked by this news case," he explained.

When asked about the conflict between her father and her grandfather, Nus Kei, Melan was reluctant to answer. However, he admitted that relations between his family had been strained for the past three years.

"I feel like I've loosened up a bit, since 2/3 years my father was in Nusa Kambangan, but I don't want to worry about it as a child, that's a parent's problem," he said.
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