andriajah Mon May 2020 1 year ago

Garbage Food Prank, Youtuber Ferdian Paleka's House Raided by Residents

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.TV - Youtuber in Bandung, Ferdian Paleka, is throwing a tantrum. In the video he made, he and his friends did a prank.

From the video circulating, they distributed boxes containing rubbish and bricks to four transgender people in the Bandung area.

This action sparked criticism from residents. From Twitter @twitkabarjabar Ferdian Paleka's house was raided by residents. A number of residents were seen gathered in front of the house.

"Currently mediating with Ferdian Paleka's family, because the person concerned is not at home," wrote @twitkabarjabar

The family and community representatives mediated. Ferdian Paleka was informed that he was not at home.

"Ferdian Paleka's residence was raided tonight by residents and several people who deliberately came to the Bojong Koneng Indah Plot, Baleendah District. Police officers were already at the crime scene. Reportedly he was not at home or ran away. Wait for the next update," wrote @ tweetkabarjabar

Meanwhile, the victim of a prank by YouTuber Ferdian Paleka in Bandung reported it to the police. They reported Ferdian to the Bandung Police Headquarters in the early hours of Monday, May 4 2020.
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