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Police Arrest Rapist in Bintaro, His Family Was Hiding

TANGERANG SELATAN, KOMPAS.TV - Police officers from the South Tangerang Resort on Sunday (9/8/2020) afternoon carried out a crime scene investigation for a sexual crime case.

This rape case happened to a woman which occurred in 2019 on Jalan Titihan Empat Bintaro, South Tangerang City, Banten.

During the crime scene investigation, the police checked every street corner and went to the house the victims were renting at that time.

Through a post on his personal Instagram, the victim told the chronology of the sexual crime he experienced which occurred in August 2019.

This was done because to this day the incident still haunts him.

The victim also captured images from CCTV footage showing the perpetrator and some of the terror attacks carried out by the perpetrator.

During the crime scene investigation, which lasted around two hours, the police checked every street corner and went to the house the victim was renting at that time to look for CCTV footage as additional evidence.

The police said they had examined five witnesses related to the incident and had succeeded in arresting the perpetrator at his residence.

"It's true that we have arrested the perpetrator earlier and indeed we have detained this perpetrator at his house around the Pondok Aren River. We are having a little difficulty because his family is trying to hide it," AKP Muharam Wibisono, Head of South Tangerang Criminal Investigation Unit.

Until now, the police are still continuing to carry out intensive examinations of the perpetrators of these sexual crimes who have been arrested at the South Tangerang Police Headquarters.
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