ahmadajah03 Fri Mar 2020 2 years ago

Police Conduct Investigation into the Theft of 20,000 Masks at Pagelaran Cianjur Regional Hospital

CIANJUR, KOMPAS.TV - 20,000 masks for medical purposes to anticipate transmission of the corona virus were stolen from the pharmacy warehouse, Pagelaran Regional General Hospital, Cianjur, West Java.

This is not the first time, the disappearance of masks has occurred twice in February and March.

The theft of surgical masks was discovered after the Pagelaran Cianjur Regional Hospital, West Java, was about to provide mask assistance to other hospitals in Cianjur.

When checking the stock of masks, around 10,000 surgical masks disappeared in the pharmacy warehouse on Friday, March 16 2020.

The loss of this mask was immediately reported to the Regent and Cianjur Police for further investigation.

Previously in February, 10,000 masks also disappeared in the pharmacy warehouse.

So the total number of masks lost was 20,000 masks.

Meanwhile, the police, who have been following up on reports of mask theft at the Pagelaran Cianjur Regional Hospital, are still carrying out investigations into the alleged involvement of someone involved in the mask theft case.
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