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The journey of cases of sexual violence against Islamic boarding school students by Kiai children in Jombang began in 2017

JOMBANG, KOMPAS.TV - The suspect in the case of sexual violence against Islamic boarding school students in Jombang, East Java, Muhammad Subchi Azal Tsani, has still not been arrested by the police.

In fact, Muhammad Subchi Azal Tsani has been named a suspect since 2019.

Furthermore, he applied for pretrial twice, but was rejected.

Meanwhile, Subchi's case file has been declared complete, alias P21, but he never attended the police summons, and Subchi has been a fugitive from the police since last January.

Police efforts to arrest the suspect continue to fail.

The Joint Team from the East Java Regional Police and the Jombang Police, together with Kodim 0814 Jombang, was going to arrest the suspect at the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School, in Losari Village, Ploso District, Jombang, but hundreds of students blocked it and guarded the Islamic boarding school.

Previously, an arrest attempt by the police in Ploso, Jombang, also failed, because a number of people guarding him obstructed him.

The suspect also managed to escape. Not only were the students obstructed, Kiai Haji Mukhtar Mu'thi, the caretaker of the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School, also refused, when the Jombang Police Chief, Akbp Nurhidayat, asked the suspect, who is Mukhtar Mu'thi's son, to surrender.

The father argued that the case against his son was slander and was a family matter.

The difficulty of arresting the suspect received a response from the Chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board, PBNU, Kiai Haji Fahrur Rozi.

He hopes the suspect will cooperate.

Muhammad Subchi Azal Tsani, was reported to the police on suspicion of sexual abuse on October 29 2019.

He was then named a suspect in November 2019.

Subchi was charged with rape and obscenity, article 285 or article 294 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code, with the threat of 12 years in prison.

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