Mon Jan 2020 1 year ago

Recognition of Indonesian Citizens in Wuhan: As if We Were Waiting for Our Turn to Be Infected

WUHAN KOMPAS.TV - A student from Aceh is trapped in a dormitory on the Wuhan City campus.

Siti Mawaddah is a third year student studying at Hubai University, which is located in Central Wuhan City.

To Kompas TV, Siti told what she felt while being confined in the dormitory for 8 days.

Siti admitted that since the corona virus emergency was declared, she was prohibited from carrying out outdoor activities.

He was asked to stay in his dormitory.

Siti admitted that every day all she heard was an increase in the number of victims.

This made his psychological condition start to become disturbed.

"It's as if we are waiting for our turn to be infected, and that really disturbs our psychology," said Siti to Kompas TV.

Siti admitted that her psychological condition began to be disturbed after eight days of isolation in Wuhan City.

Meanwhile, currently food supplies continue to run low.

Meanwhile, Siti and a number of other Indonesian citizens who are in Wuhan have coordinated with the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing.

However, according to him, until he made the video, help had not yet arrived.

Siti and other Indonesian citizens who were in Wuhan asked the government to immediately relocate them from Wuhan City.

Currently, 80 people have died due to the corona virus which is currently endemic.

Meanwhile, around 2700 people have been infected with this deadly virus.
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