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Determination of Eid Al-Fitr, Bmkg: The majority of the hilal height is more than 3 degrees

KOMPAS.TV Monitoring the crescent moon to determine 1 Shawwal 1443 Hijriah, in Jakarta the Ministry of Religion will hold an isbat session.

The isbat session held by the Ministry of Religion took place in three stages.

The first stage at 17:00 is a seminar on presenting the position of the new moon, after that at 18:00 the isbat session takes place which is held behind closed doors.

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Then the Ministry of Religion will hold a press conference to announce the date of Eid.

Head of the Center for Technical Seismology, Potential Geophysics at BMKG, Rahmat Triyono, explained that the position of the moon in several regions of Indonesia is more than three degrees.

In Merauke it is around 3.8 degrees, Sabang 5.6 degrees, Ambon 4.2 degrees, Yogyakarta 4.6 degrees, Anyer 4.8 degrees, Bengkulu 5--5.2 degrees.

Rahmat said that the height of the new moon had met the requirements for observation.

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