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Determining 1 Shawwal 1443 Hijriah, Here's Researcher Brin's Prediction

KOMPAS.TV - The Ministry of Religion is still waiting for reports of new moon observations from 99 points throughout Indonesia.

The temporary conclusion is that the position of the hilal in most parts of Indonesia is above 3 degrees.

It is estimated that at seven o'clock tonight the Minister of Religion will directly announce the determination of 1 Shawwal 1443 Hijriah.

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Previously, Head of the Center for Technical Seismology, Potential Geophysics at BMKG, Rahmat Triyono, explained that the position of the moon in several regions of Indonesia was more than three degrees.

In Merauke it is around 3.8 degrees, Sabang 5.6 degrees, Ambon 4.2 degrees, Yogyakarta 4.6 degrees, Anyer 4.8 degrees, Bengkulu 5-5.2 degrees.

So what is the position of the crescent moon ahead of the isbat session this afternoon? Is the crescent moon visible? The following is an explanation from the Principal Expert Researcher for Astronomy at the National Research and Innovation Agency, Professor Thomas Djamaluddin.

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