ahmadajah03 Sat Apr 2020 2 years ago

New Research, BCG Vaccine Trial for Corona Virus

AUSTRALIA, KOMPAS.TV - Australia and several countries in Europe are conducting trials using the BCG vaccine to prevent further infections caused by the corona virus.

A report from the Associated Press stated that this step was taken by a number of researchers, because Europe was starting to be overwhelmed by the number of patients due to the corona virus or covid-19.

Meanwhile, Australia took this step because the infection in the country was not yet too massive. So, it is hoped that vaccine trials can be a preventive measure in the kangaroo country.

The Australian government plans to trial the vaccine on 4,000 medical personnel, because they are at the forefront of dealing with the corona virus.

BCG, which is an abbreviation of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin, was first developed by two French scientists named Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin in 1908.

So far, this vaccine has been used to prevent TB. This vaccine was first used to prevent babies from contracting TB in 1921.

Giving the BCG vaccine is not actually for direct protection from the corona virus. However, experts believe that this vaccine has the ability to train the immune system to respond more strongly to new infections.

Research also shows that some patients who are positive for corona have been able to recover because of their good immunity.

"What is very interesting about the BCG vaccine is that apart from having a protective effect against the main disease, namely tuberculosis, this vaccine also has other effects, namely being able to improve the immune system. And this is the body's front line of defense against various different infections, including viruses ," said Professor Nigel Curtis, Study Leader of the Infectious Diseases Group, at Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

However, researchers stated that this vaccine should not be given en masse until the final results of this vaccine are known to prevent infection from the corona virus.