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Patients who recover from Corona still have to maintain their health

KOMPAS.TV - Coordination in handling the corona virus in the country between the central and regional governments seems to be going their own way. One example is the different data between referral hospitals and the central government.

How can there be transparency regarding data and information on the movements of people who have tested positive for corona?

The number of positive corona patients in Indonesia continues to increase. At a time of vigilance against the spread of the corona virus, news also emerged of the recovery of corona positive patients.

A total of three positive patients with the corona virus in Indonesia were declared cured. They were declared cured, both from the laboratory and clinical side.

Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto emphasized that this is proof of the theory that corona can heal itself.

Meanwhile, two positive corona patients who were treated at Persahabatan Hospital have been declared cured. However, they were asked to continue resting at home.

Furthermore, the former Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla, considered efforts to close areas or lockdowns to prevent the spread of the corona virus to be an effective solution. However, this must be supported by discipline and economic preparedness.

Efforts to prevent the corona virus from spreading are being carried out by a number of parties. PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia, for example, checks the body temperature of KRL passengers. Not only that, PT KCI also provides education to passengers regarding how to prevent the corona virus.
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