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Install Fingerprint Jarvis on Honda Scoopy -

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The fingerprint sensor that I use in the video can be ordered on WhatsApp 085739786669

There are 2 versions of the sensor, one complete with threads like a bolt and one plain. Please ask for availability.

For complete packages with PCB circuit, available with very limited stock.

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The tool I made only outputs 2 contacts, one of which is for turning the ignition on. And the other is to the starter button or line connected to the starter relay. If your motorbike contacts have a lot of wires, then you will need additional relays to make this system work.
Those who understand motorbikes definitely understand how the electrical system on a motorbike works.

Can it be applied to other motorbikes?
Very possible, as long as you understand how to install it. As I explained. My tool only provides 2 cable contacts, namely the on contact and the starter contact, both of which are normally open.

Oh yes, you can make your own sound, you know, whatever sound you want... Even removing it can speed up the engine starting process. So it's not too long-winded :D

*How to register fingerprints will be updated on Duwiarsana's Instagram account... so remember to follow my Instagram. So that no one asks again if a friend wants to borrow a motorbike, can't do it... Yes, please register hehehehe.
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