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Police officers threaten to behead Habib Rizieq Shihab, FPI and Pekalongan City Police Chief open their voices

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM - A video has circulated and gone viral on social media showing police officers threatening and even vowing to behead Rizieq Shihab.

This was done because the police officers were angry with the various commotions that never ended.

Regarding the video, the Pekalongan City Police Chief and the Pekalongan FPI provided their responses.

The video in circulation is two minutes and 49 seconds long.

The man in the video is a police officer in Pekalongan, Central Java.

He did not reveal his identity, but he called FPI a thug organization.

"Recently we have seen organizations that have a thug style. A hero style.

"In fact, like an unrivaled champion, we all understand who they are, FPI or Islamic Defenders Front," he said.

In the video, police officers even dare to swear by God that they will fight the FPI and cut Rizieq Shihab's neck.

"By Allah, I am ready to slit Rizieq's throat, gouge out his eyes, or cut off his legs and I am not afraid to fight against organizations like FPI, HTI, or the like.

"Because I am a police officer, I will not back down an inch."

Apart from that, he also shared his experience dealing with the son of a high-ranking FPI Pekalongan City official when he was ticketed by members of the Pekalongan City Police Traffic Unit.

Because he did not accept being ticketed, the son of a high-ranking FPI official brought a crowd of 50 people to raid the police post at the Pekalongan City Monument.

"Not accepting the ticket, the crowd went to the Pekalongan City Monument police post.

Quoted from Tribunjateng.com, Friday (4/12/2020), Pekalongan City Police Chief, AKBP M Irwan Susanto confirmed that the man was indeed a member.

He explained that this person had the initials H, had the rank of Aiptu and served in the detainee and evidence care unit.

"It's true that my member, with the initials H, has the rank of Aiptu, serving in the prisoner and evidence care unit (Sat Tahti)," he said.

Irwan said that now H is at the Central Java Regional Police for examination by the Central Java Regional Police Bidpropam.

"The member with the initials H is already in the Regional Police and currently an in-depth investigation is still being carried out by the Central Java Police Bidpropam," he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the DPW FPI Pekalongan City, Ustadz Abu Ayyas, said that when he first received the video, his party immediately confirmed it with the police.

"When I received the video, I immediately asked for confirmation from the Head of Intelligence at the Pekalongan City Police, whether what was said was a member of the National Police or an individual and we asked for a follow-up," he said.

After that, Pekalongan City Police officers immediately went to the FPI Pekalongan City headquarters.

The purpose of their visit was to apologize for the incident.

"Even the police also provided information on developments in the handling of cases carried out by their subordinates which have been handled by the Central Java Regional Police," he added.


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