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Observations of Indonesian citizens from Wuhan in Natuna, Jokowi: They are our brothers

NATUNA, KOMPAS.TV - More than 20 families in Natuna, Riau Islands, which is about 1.2 kilometers from the health observation location for Indonesian citizens from Wuhan, China, chose to evacuate.

The residents who fled were residents of Penagi Village, Natuna Regency.

Dozens of houses there appeared empty and locked.

According to the local RT head, the departure of around 29 families occurred ahead of the arrival of Indonesian citizens who were evacuated from China.

Residents stated that they were worried because the health observation location was considered close to their residential area.

So far, residents know about the Corona virus which has caused more than 300 people to die in China.

Meanwhile, some residents of Natuna, Riau Islands, demonstrated again against the health observations of Indonesian citizens who had just been evacuated from Wuhan, China.

Residents asked for health insurance, as long as observations were carried out.

In their action, the masses demanded that the government be transparent and socialize every policy, so as not to disturb Natuna residents.

Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo asked the Indonesian people to be proud to accept health observation activities at any location decided by the government.

The President emphasized that he chose Natuna as a place to observe Indonesian citizens who were evacuated from Wuhan because it was considered the island that was most prepared and met the requirements for evacuation. #Natuna #WNIWuhan #CoronaVirus
Jokowi Natuna WNI dari Wuhan Wuhan Observasi Virus Corona Corona